Sewing: In which I learn to sew a zipper.

I had a birthday last week. 37. I spent the better part of my last 3 months of 36 forgetting that I hadn’t yet turned 37, so it’s almost like I didn’t have a birthday. Well, except for the presents and birthday dinner.*

One of the presents was an iPad 2 – yay! I have wanted one of these for SO LONG and the timing is perfect with my upcoming trip – I was not looking forward to hauling my laptop through a series of airports again.

It’s like I’ve had my new toy surgically attached to my hands since I got it, so it’s a miracle I took time out to sew up a couple things over the weekend. However, I had decided that I needed a new tote, so I picked up some fabrics to make a new Birdie Sling (Amy Butler Pattern).

I love the main fabric, though the handle/top bands are still growing on me. I had bought something like 6 yards of that batik for curtains I never made, so decided to go with it for the handles instead of the solid pink I had purchased.

Because I have now made this particular bag more times than I can count, I’ve kind of mastered the art of saving fabric, even though I keep buying the amounts the pattern calls for. This meant that I had enough of all left to make a case for my new iPad friend!

I had originally browsed etsy for a case, but they were either too expensive (for something I could make myself), not quite the right style, or just not the right fabric choices for me. So a quick search on google led me to this tutorial at Fresh Lemon Quilts.

I have feared sewing zippers for TOO LONG, y’all. So I nearly skipped this tutorial because of the zipper, but decided to JUST GET OVER IT ALREADY since Faith had pretty good instructions on inserting the zipper (and the cute little zipper tabs were a nice touch).

iPad case
BAM! New case for the iPad!

The only thing I would do different in the future is to sew the velcro onto the tab & case before putting them all the way together so the stitching doesn’t show through the other side. Also, sewing the velcro to the case was probably the hardest part of the case because it was hard to maneuver everything once the case was put together.

A few more gratuitous shots:
iPad case

iPad case

iPad case!

Up next: I’ll be attempting to sew a skirt out of that same green/pink batik. I have enough that it will make a super cute skirt if my attempt goes well and also enough that I will also be okay with losing a skirt’s worth of fabric if it fails miserably.


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  1. I just bought some of that same blue/bird fabric last week! LOL
    LOVE how the iPad case turned out, too!

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