Summer has arrived with a vengeance here in Missouri, which means that I’m spending as much time as possible in air conditioned comfort (and, as such, there’s not much to report). So, I’m stealing an idea from Kate, who stole it from someone else. Snippets of summer in photo form. So far.

Lilies. Mindy’s house.

Cave Ziggy
Cave Ziggy. Also Mindy’s house (did a bit of dogsitting when they were in France a couple weeks ago).

Simon & Fiona Falafel
Simon & Fiona Falafel. Simon was sad that he didn’t get to hang in the bedroom with me (where the cats were), so he snuck in when the gate was open. He refused to leave the bed, even though he was clearly scared of Fiona sniffing him.

Ziggy hanging in the bedroom window at Mindy’s.

Souvenir Yarn
Yarn. Paper & Rayon. Souvenir from France.

Hot Aztec
Tacos. Hot Aztec food truck. Fish tacos appear to be my food of choice this summer.

Color Variations
Goodale. Plucky Knitter Primo Sport. Miles of stockinette. Trying to finish it very soon so I can knit everything else in the world.