FO: Folded Sweater

I started this sweater last year because I wanted a nice springtime sweater right then. I had grand delusions of being able to wear it before the weather got too warm. Then I got stuck in stockinette hell.

Once I got through all the holiday knitting (let’s pretend like I haven’t completely stalled out on my dad’s socks, okay?) and a couple quick mojo projects, I picked this back up & got to work on it. I still had quite a lot of sweater to do, but I decided I wanted it done before I started another sweater in fingering or sport weight yarn.*


While working on the sleeves, I started to worry that the sweater wouldn’t fit. I had done a gauge swatch & washed it, but I was losing faith. I know, I know, “trust your swatch”. I hear Ann in my head ALL THE TIME, but I still had some trouble trusting the swatch with this one.


In the end, it blocked out plenty big, though I’ll have to be creative with what I wear under it, as the neck is huge. It’s ready just in time for a Missouri summer. OF COURSE.


Pattern: Folded by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Dyeabolical Silk/Merino Fingering (not a regular base), 1320 yards (I used slightly less, but don’t have a lot of my 3 skeins left)
Needles: Size 6 KP Options.
Finished: May 4, 2012; Started March 13, 2011

*Funny story about this – I had big plans to start working on a fingering weight cardigan to take to a conference this summer (in case I got cold in the conference center) when another pattern & yarn smacked in the face demanding to be knit first. So I started that one instead. Still a cardigan, but this time in sport weight yarn.


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  1. It looks great! And OH MY GOD the idea of knitting a fingering weight sweater makes me want to cry.

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