In which life has happened and I respond by stuffing brownies with Joe-Joe’s.

I read a blog post earlier this week that echoed some of my recent thoughts on writing here regularly. Life is happening, but the little things I might want to share are things that don’t make for interesting writing.

I’ve knit my fingers down to the nubs (not literally). My dad was sick & in the hospital, but he’s doing better now. I got paid to bake cupcakes. I went fabric shopping. I knit some more. Our student worker had her last day at work this week & is graduating this weekend. I thought about busting out the sewing machine & trying to make my own skirt pattern*, but decided to clean the kitchen instead. I booked a trip for a conference during the summer.

See, life. It’s fine, but it isn’t always worth talking about at length.

Joe-Joe Stuffed Brownies

But this week, there were brownies. With Joe-Joe’s inside. And peanut butter. Or, for the adventurous among us, COOKIE BUTTER.

Cookie Butter

I tried to explain cookie butter properly to the girls at knitting last night, but it was difficult. How do you explain cookies mashed up into a peanut-butter like cream of yummy? Maybe just like that. Yes, I totally ate that whole spoonful by itself after the picture. You could also spread it on toast, apples, bagels, or anything else that might serve as a vehicle to get the cookie butter from the jar to your mouth.

Joe-Joe Stuffed Brownies

For those of you wondering, Joe-Joe’s are the Trader Joe’s version of Oreos. I like them better, so it was not a mistake that I had a box in my apartment waiting to become these brownies.

The original method and idea for the stuffed brownies is here, though I modified it slightly to serve my purpose.

Stuffed Brownies
Makes 15

You’ll need:
1 package or recipe brownie mix (If you use a boxed mix, you’ll need the “family size” or 9×13 pan size mix for this)
15 Joe-Joe’s or Oreos
Cookie butter or peanut butter or other nut butter of your choice.

Preheat oven to 350 & line muffin/cupcake tin with liners. Prepare brownie mix/recipe according to instructions.

Place 1 tbsp prepared brownie mix into each muffin well. Top each cookie with approx 1 tsp of nut or cookie butter, then place cookie in the center of the cupcake cup (on top of brownie mix). Place 2 tbsp more brownie mix over each cookie, making sure the cookie gets covered by the brownie.

Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes. Share with friends. Enjoy.

*An idea that will still happen, just not on the timetable I’d envisioned.


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