Things, stuff, and knitting.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here, which led to not much time to chat. So, the short version of events:

Our Relay For Life event was this weekend. In a moment of insanity or brilliance, I offered to bake cupcakes for us to sell there. My coworkers provided the supplies & I made 6 batches of cupcakes on Friday. I spent 3 hours frosting them on Saturday morning.


Selling Cupcakes

We sold out of cupcakes at $2 a pop & are already making plans for next year. (Next year, I will have minions & we will hopefully be in a larger kitchen.)

I can’t seem to keep Ziggy out of my basket of handknits.

I need to get them cleaned up & put away for the season, but I just haven’t done it yet.

On Friday, I found out I was accepted into the PhD program I applied to!! (I have no pictures that go with that.) I’m excited, but have a lot of work ahead of me.

On the knitting front, I’m close to finishing up a sweater I started last year, though I found a mistake in it last night that meant I had to rip back like 7 rows. But hey, the sleeves are attached & I’ll be starting the raglan decreases for the shoulder (again) tonight, so it’s looking good. I want to finish this one so I can start this cardigan to have ready (I hope) by the time I go to Toronto in July for work. I also want to make this one out of some lovely blue sport weight yarn.

Other than those things, life just keeps going like it does. I have a baby shower to go to this weekend, so I’ll have a couple little FOs to talk about after that.


2 thoughts on “Things, stuff, and knitting.

  1. Woohoo! I should say that you WERE busy! Congrats on the PhD program – that’s awesome :-)

  2. Mmmmm, tasty tasty cupcakes!
    Congratulations on the successful sale and landing the PdD program spot! You rock!

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