In which I eat lots of matzah.

Over the weekend, I attended my first Seder(s) at Mindy & E’s place. Mindy is usually back home for the start of Passover, so this was also her first year hosting.

I had a lot of fun (until I wasn’t watching where I was walking & fell off the sidewalk. Again. My knee still hurts where I scraped it) & it was great to see tradition in action. :)

Little Owl salt shaker – I love the new dishes they got for Passover. I love my Fiestaware, but I kind of want to steal these.

Charoset (apple & walnut stuff – very yummy)

Seder Plate

hard boiled egg – have you ever seen such a bright egg yolk? I usually don’t eat them when the eggs are boiled, but these were delish. Yay for backyard chicken eggs!

Dinner is served!

Place setting (before dinner)

Like I said, I had a great time. You can see more pictures here, if you are so inclined.