FO: Line Break Shawl

A couple months ago, Rachel put out a call for sample knitters & I volunteered.

“Can you do something in laceweight yarn?” she asked. “Of course!” said I. More discussion & we settled on Alcea, a lovely little shawl. That is knit from the bottom up.

I messed up on the first row twice. As I was preparing to cast on my 300+ stitches for the third time, I said “Hey, Rachel, how married are you to this pattern choice?”

I picked another pattern. It should have been easy until I realized that I am not competent enough to keep two separate lace patterns straight when I can’t have stitch markers denoting the end and beginning of one of them because it moves by 2 stitches every RS row.

To make a long story short, Rachel is awesome because she let me switch patterns a million times without firing me from the sample knitting.

Also noteworthy – this new laceweight base yarn of hers? Fantastic if you make a lot of mistakes or frog a lot of projects. I was able to reuse all the yarn that I had frogged (minus a few inches of a tricky cast on portion, which I’m pretty sure was mostly to do with user error).

Line Break

The shawl is garter stitch (which I can’t seem to get enough of right now), with short rows between eyelet rows.

Line Break

There are 2 inches of eyelet rows at the end. If they didn’t look as good as they do, it wouldn’t have been worth it. But they looked awesome, so it was worth the extra time those rows took.

Line Break

All in all, I’m happy with the way this turned out. And I learned that I can’t really knit lace in laceweight yarn.

I think this would also work in a variegated yarn & plan to try that at some point in the future with a skein I have hanging around the house.

Pattern: Line Break by Veera Välimäki (it’s like I’m having an “all Veera patterns all the time” episode up in here)
Yarn: Dyeabolical Yarn 2-ply Merino Laceweight
Needles: Size 6
Started: March 1, 2012. Finished: March 24, 2012
Notes: I should have probably used my blocking wires on this instead of just the pins, but I was impatient & just kept trying to make sure the pins weren’t pulling it out into points.


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