In the Kitchen: Fundraiser baking

A couple months ago, we soup cookoff/fundraiser at work to raise money for Relay For Life. As we had about eighty billion leftover desserts after our chili cookoff in the Fall, I was put in charge of the dessert table to keep things under control. In the end, this meant that I made 100 cupcakes & a coworker made about 4 dozen cookies. (There were still some leftover cupcakes, but not that many.)

Dessert Table
The Dessert Table

I did the Butterbeer cupcakes again (which were delicious, as always).
Butterbeer cupcakes

I also cheated with some German Chocolate ones – I used a box mix & mixed a can of the coconut pecan frosting into the batter (an idea from the Cake Mix Doctor that I found on the internet). Honestly, this version of German chocolate cupcakes tasted better to me than did the ones I made from scratch a while back. Maybe because this was my favorite cake growing up & we always used the box. Who knows.
German Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes #3 of 4 were Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes. They were a big hit – enough that I’m making them again for us to sell during the actual Relay For Life event.
Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes

Finally, I did a simple vanilla cupcake. I thought these were a little dry, but the people who liked vanilla cupcakes really liked them. I like more flavors in my cupcakes, I guess.
Vanilla cupcakes

Now, my deep dark secret that is also kind of awesome. I love the flavor of frosting I make from scratch, but I worry about the dairy in a buttercream or cream cheese frosting sitting out overnight or all day, so I don’t like to use homemade frosting for events like this. I use the canned frosting from the grocery store. This time, though, I had the idea to mix in flavors with the plain buttercream flavored frosting & it worked REALLY well. Surprisingly well. I can’t believe I never thought of it before – I mixed in things that went with the cupcakes I was serving. PBCup got a dollop of peanut butter, Butterbeer – a bit (or more) of the butterscotch ganache, Vanilla – vanilla bean paste. It really makes the canned frosting taste so much better. Next time I need to make a chocolate frosting for something like this, I’ll be mixing cocoa into the buttercream. I just KNOW it will taste better than the canned chocolate frosting.