Dear Jason Segel,

Hi. How you doin’?

You posed a hypothetical question on twitter last night that got me a-thinkin’.

Here’s my thoughts on the matter (and this is really less about you and more about the world we live in).

To paraphrase Elizabeth Bennet (guess who watched Pride & Prejudice this weekend!) – you should resolve to act in a way that will ensure your own happiness. Or, in my words – screw anybody who would would be upset if you went and fell in love (well, unless it’s family. They have opinions that you should at least let them talk about. I’m not saying you have to follow their advice, but a good family will have your best interests in mind).

I would hope that everyone responded positively to your question. The thing is that I was following another famous person who fell in love & got married & some of his fans did not react well. From my perspective, it was really none of my business. Why shouldn’t a celebrity be happy just because some of his fans are crazy? (I actually thought it was pretty awesome that he was happy, though a little disconcerting since he had made a career out of being angsty.)

So, go – fall in love, be happy, keep being funny.

Oh, and on an unrelated note: I just have to say (again) THANK YOU for bringing the Muppets back to theaters. I can’t wait until I can add that movie to my DVD collection – it was everything I wanted it to be (random celebrity cameos included). I love you for that (in a completely non-creepy way).



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    • I’m not a huge fan or anything, but yep, Trent is certainly angsty. At one time, the only one angstier was Kurt Cobain and, well, we all know what happened there.

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