In which I sew some pants.

A few weeks (or maybe longer) back, Mindy was wishing for a pair of flannel pajama pants that were long enough for her because the store bought ones keep shrinking, making it look like she was wearing them through some shallow floodwaters or something. As I had a pattern for comfy lounge pants and suitable sewing skills, I offered to make them for her.

This was my first article of clothing in at least 20 years. Bags and accessories I have mastered. Clothes, for whatever reason, have scared me until now. But as the pattern was out of Amy Butler’s In Stitches book & I’ve successfully made other things from there (and also many of her other patterns), I figured it was worth a try.

So, one Saturday evening I headed over to Mindy’s house so we could hang & I could get started on her pants – I wanted to make sure they would fit, so I wanted Mindy around at least when I got started. This is what I fear about clothing – it needs to FIT. Bags and accessories are more forgiving. (This is also why I fought knitting socks & even sweaters for the first few years I was a knitter. The fear.)

Flannel Pants

I was able to get the pants cut out & the fronts & backs sewn together in a couple hours, after which my brain quit working, so we went to watch Doctor Who and knit. A couple weeks later, I cleared off my sewing machine table at home and finished up. There are buttonholes for the drawstring, which I was initially hesitant about. My sewing machine came with an automatic buttonholer, so I was able to do a test run and find the appropriate button size for the button hole. So much easier than I thought it would be, actually.

Flannel Pants

As you can see, the pants are currently plenty long. I was also able to do the trim around the bottom & the casing for the drawstring at the top. I’m not sure I like how the casing is set up, but it might be something I can tweak next time I use this pattern. Which I will soon do for a second pair of comfy pants for Mindy out of fleece.


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    • I just roll the top and then its the right length, eventually after I wear them to death I’m sure the rolling will stop because I’ll have shrunk them to normal sizes.
      And looking like an ass makes me feel sexy.

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