Lions and tigers and…octopi? oh my!

While I haven’t been writing much here lately (life has been busy behind the scenes – nothing noteworthy, just busy and often sleepy), I have been getting my crafty on in numerous ways.

Sharon had a birthday last week, so I cross stitched her this little octopus.
The pattern came from this little etsy shop, the cloth was just 14 count navy aida, floss was 3 strands of a variegated pink.

I keep forgetting that cross stitch takes me longer than embroidery, so I found myself frantically finishing the last few rows last Wednesday before knitting in order to gift it in a timely manner. But I’ve learned at least a little of the lesson here & will hopefully remember this for my next deadline-related cross stitch project.

I also made a little winter hat for myself.
molly hat
The pattern is Molly (again), the yarn is malabrigo rios in natural.

I love how this turned out – it’s perfectly slouchy and will pull down to cover my ears when it’s cold.

I also finally sewed the button band on my Twenty Ten cardigan closed, which makes it fit (and look) a ton better. I now love it.
twenty ten

There are more crafty things and such coming soon. :)


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  1. Your productivity is putting me to shame! The Twenty Ten cardigan looks absolutely frickin’ FANTASTIC. Love it!

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