Handmade Holidays 2011: The knitting edition

Let’s talk holiday crafting, shall we? I once again made many of my gifts myself, so there are a few to talk about. Today I’m only focused on the projects I knitted – I’ll cover the rest next time.

First up are a pair of Monkey socks I made for D. The yarn is Dyeabolical Strong Arm Skinny one of the sock club colorways – Always Rainbows. D LOVED them. She immediately took her own socks off & put these on and wore them the rest of the day. When I saw her again on Saturday she had already washed them & was waiting for it to be cold enough for her to wear them again.
I made these toe-up with a heel flap, but read the chart the same (so the pattern is upside down from the knitty version).

For Dad, I started a pair of socks & ran out of time. I’m ready to start the gusset increases on the first sock now, so he should have them just in time for the weather to warm up.
Instead of socks, I made him this ice scraper mitt (forgive the picture – I forgot to take one & had D just snap one with her phone for me). The pattern is the Ice & Snow Scraper Mitt (ravelry link) & worked up fairly quickly. I probably should have gone up a needle size, but I used 11’s and the next size up I had were 15’s – I thought that might make the fabric too loose & defeat the purpose of keeping one’s hands warm while scraping ice off the car.

Molly Hat
For Mindy, I made a Molly hat out of Berroco Vintage – she has a sensitive head, so I wanted to use something that wouldn’t make her itchy. I liked it so much that I want to make one for me now. I started decreases after the 16th repeat of the 3-row ribbing pattern (instead of the 19 the pattern called for), as it was already super slouchy.

I made this tiny hot dog for Mindy’s hubby as an add-on to his gift (which was “awesome like a hot dog”).
Tiny Hot Dog
The pattern for this one is in the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book.

And finally, I made a pair of Commuter Mitts for Kim out of some Malabrigo Rios in Arco Iris. I loved working with this yarn because the color was fun – I just wanted to see how it would look when I was done. It was hard to capture with the camera, but the yarn & pattern worked well together.
Commuter Mitts

And that does it for things I made with yarn this year.


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