Stitched up.

Over my Thanksgiving vacation/dogsitting, I found myself attached to a cross stitch project. I was kind of obsessed – I had 8 million crafty projects with me and I only worked on the one most of the week. My pal Rachel, she likes the superheroes. And she pinned this Justice League cross stitch pattern, so once I got the pattern I had to make sure I had the proper supplies to get started.

Cross stitch fabric – check.
Embroidery floss – check.
Needles – check.
Other cross stitch necessities – check.
Fancy gold floss to bling out Wonder Woman – CHECK.

Justice League

The original pattern didn’t call for any metallic floss for Wonder Woman (or anybody else, for that matter), but I decided that she had to have the proper bling.

Justice League

Once I finished, I was able to frame it up & give it to Rachel last week.


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