A holiday table runner. Or “why do I keep making things for myself when there are holiday gifts to finish?!”

A few days ago I thought that it would be nice to have a Christmas table runner for the holidays. I don’t often eat at my table, as it’s mostly a crafty table, but I’m having D-squared up for lunch/dinner on Christmas day & thought it would be good to be able to sit at the table to eat.

I looked at the runners at Kohl’s when I was there on Friday and they were seriously not my style. So I looked at Target and saw some cute ones, but at $15 for a mini runner, I thought that I could whip one up with the Christmas fabric I have left from making stockings and such. As I spent the better part of Saturday chained to my sewing machine, the timing was perfect.

Table Runner
I kind of love how it turned out – the red/pink polka dots are on both ends. I originally wanted to use some green polka dot fabric I have, but I made a cutting error & didn’t want to piece it on the front. It would have looked weird.

Table Runner
And it is technically reversible, though the dots/snowflakes side is (to me) clearly the back of it. Finished dimensions are about 60″x20″ – that was the intent when I started cutting, but I didn’t measure it finished.

I thought about adding batting & quilting this, but it would have made a super-simple project a lot more complicated and I didn’t want to do that. In the end, I did sew a line down each side where the front fabrics meet, which will hopefully keep it from separating too much in the wash.

And here it is with a sneak preview of some cupcakes I made for a holiday gathering I went to on Sunday. (I’ll talk about them later this week.)
Vanilla Chai Cupcakes