I found my Christmas spirit.

The weekend was busy enough that I probably could have used a little NaBloPoMo action to talk about everything in a timely manner.

So, let’s start with Christmas. I got most of my decorating for Christmas done on Saturday evening & then finished up on Sunday after a brief trip to Target to get a few more items. Since I decided not to do a big tree this year (I really don’t have the space for a giant tree in my apartment), I needed to get some more ornaments for a couple mini-trees I had (but hadn’t used before).

Christmas 2011
I satisfied my red/aqua desire with this little tree. Well, satisfied for the moment. I want to replace my wreath with one that’s all red and aqua instead of the candyland number I have now.

Christmas 2011
This guy is next to the red/aqua tree & they look nice together.

Christmas 2011
Finishing out my trio of tiny trees is this guy, who is hanging with Santa.

I also have the same old other decorations up – my sparkly ornament garland & tree, stocking, and Christmas sock-monkey. I also have a pink tinsel tree I plan to take to work to get all festive with.

Decorating while watching White Christmas helped get me in the Christmas spirit this year, I think I’m finally ready to face the holidays (if only I can get the crafty part of it all done).

Also in the spirit of the holidays, I’m stealing the idea of a musical advent calendar that I’ve seen Angie doing this month. So, starting with one of my favorite Christmas tunes:

U2 – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

I’m not sure if I’ll do a song daily or not, but I’ll at least add one in to finish off my posts from here until Christmas. Happy Holidays, y’all.