Day 23: Riley likes to chew things…

I’m dogsitting again for a few days & oh, sweet Rileypants.

I gave him a super rawhide/chew bone last night to keep him occupied and quiet while I was doing some laundry. It’s great because it keeps him occupied for at least an hour, which means no barking at the plumbing. Or the microwave. Or the imaginary noises outside.

So, anyway, at one point we went outside & I couldn’t get him to drop the bone, so he carried it with him to pee. Then when we came back inside, he settled down on the floor next to the couch and finished it off. When I got up to go to bed, I realized that he had chewed really closely to my power cord. So much so that he chewed on it some & some of the covering was missing. In my delirious late night state later, I thought it had been just the extension cord part, so I jumped online & found a replacement for like $6.*

Flash forward to this morning when I looked at the cord again & realized that it was indeed the ridiculously expensive to replace main power cord that got chewed on. It’s temporarily fixed up with some electrical tape & I told Riley to stay away from it at all costs. Sure, he’s a dog, but he hasn’t been near the cord since then.

The aftermath.

He makes me laugh everyday
The culprit.

*Of course, had it not been late at night & if I’d been thinking clearly I would have realized that I have an extra one of those from my old computer – it’s the one thing that didn’t die a horrible death before I got my new laptop