Day 22

3 days. Almost. That’s how long the glittery manicure lasted. It actually died on Monday when I did the dishes, but I fixed the 2 nails it looked the worst on. But then today it just peeled off another finger & was chipping elsewhere, so I killed it.

I think my nails like to repel polish. It doesn’t just chip, it peels off. It’s like it doesn’t adhere to my nails properly.

I tested out the foil removal method that Shannon told me about to get rid of the glitter & it worked pretty well. It was definitely a lot easier than the “scrub with polish remover until you pass out from the fumes” method.


I did feel a little like I had alien fingers while waiting for the polish remover to do the job, but I’m pleased with how well it worked. Especially since I saw about 5 more glittery polishes I wanted to buy from Target today (I restrained myself, though). I did pick up a plain polish (read: no glitter) that I want to test out – it’s totally out of my normal color group, but I just fell for it in the store.