Day 17: I’ve been awake far too long

This morning was our monthly 7am meeting combined with our biannual pest control service at my apartment. This means that I had to lock the cats in the bathroom for the morning and then get to work super early. I’ve spent the day not really awake.

After massive amounts of caffeine, I met with one of the professors over at the School of Public Health to talk about some research ideas/possibly working with her on my dissertation. It went really well – even though she’s mostly a maternal/child health researcher, she’s doing some things that are interesting to me. (She taught the Social Epidemiology class I had my last semester.) So, anyway, I think she’d be great to work with & since she just started full time at the school there aren’t other students she’s mentoring yet (she was adjunct when I took her class). I feel really good about the meeting. Now I’m going to do read some of the literature in the areas & try to formulate more of an idea before I have to get my letters & everything together.

The nice thing about having to go across campus for that meeting was that I was able to pick up lunch at Pho Grand for the work crew and myself. I’ve wanted it for like 3 weeks, so it was TIME. And it was DELICIOUS.

And now I’m swatching for another sweater because I just can’t help myself.