Day 10: FO – Twenty Ten Cardigan

Sometime last summer I saw a finished version of the Twenty Ten sweater & became a little obsessed with it. I wanted this sweater in the WORST WAY. As I was still on my yarn diet & didn’t have anything in the stash to make it, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. Then Rachel mentioned that hey, she had some Eco Wool in her stash she’d be willing to part with if I liked it. We arranged a trade & I was off.

I was about halfway done with the body when I realized the sweater was small. Too small. But I had done a gauge swatch (although I still don’t remember if I had washed it), so it should be fine. I put it in hibernation mode for a while so I could figure out what to do with it – was it still going to be too small after blocking? Would it block out large enough? Was I actually going to lose any weight between then and the time the sweater was done? I didn’t have the answers to these questions and by then, another of Veera’s patterns was calling to me to be knit up (it’s not done yet, either, but I’m getting closer).

Anyway, a few weeks ago I finished working on the stuff for the Halloween swap & was feeling selfish. I wanted to knit something for me and oh, hey, why don’t I finish that sweater over there? I was much closer to dividing for the fronts & back than I thought I was, so in no time at all I had the main part of the body finished & was working on the fronts. Thanks to many consultations with Deborah (who helped me decide how to blend in the bit of the third skein of a different dyelot) and Ann (who assured me that YES, it will block out because the Eco Wool GROWS), I was able to finish it & get it blocking by Halloween. Then it was a matter of finding the buttons.

Oh, the buttons. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find smallish (5/8″) buttons for a sweater, right? Except that I needed 13 of them, so last Saturday I went to 4 different stores trying to find enough buttons, having collected two sets of buttons on my travels. One set I had enough of, the other set I only had 9 buttons. Of course, the 9 buttons were the ones that were perfect for the sweater and I just had to use them. I figure that I’ll eventually find more, but until then it’s not like I’ll ever button the sweater any higher than I have buttons for anyway. Well, maybe a little higher.

twenty ten front

So, the finished sweater. I love it in general, but I don’t like how the buttons pull – I feel like it didn’t block out quite large enough. The lovely Deborah did make a couple suggestions for helping with that when I wore it to knitting last night – I could back the button band with some grosgrain ribbon OR maybe instead of a cardigan, I turn it into a cardigan-pullover mash-up and sew the button bands to each other to get rid of the pulling. Then again, maybe I shrink back down to the size I was when I started knitting the damn thing & all will be fine. WHO KNOWS.

twenty ten back

Pattern: Twenty Ten Cardigan by Veera Välimäki, size XL
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, color 9452 (Summer Sky Heather, I think), 2.04 skeins
Needles: size 9, KP Interchangeables
Started: July 25, 2010, Finished knitting: 10/30/11, Buttons sewn on, so really done: 11/7/11
Notes: Buttons are from Joann’s, La Petite 239.

Edit: I did sew the button band down & it looks so much better now.
twenty ten


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  1. It looks great! I agree with adding a grosgrain ribbon is a good idea if you want to keep it a cardigan. I always end up sewing my button bands down or taking off the buttons because I can’t get the button band right.

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