Day 7: Brown Butter Cupcakes

I have a thing for browned butter. It all started with the most amazing crispy treats in the world and has multiplied since then. So naturally, when I saw the recipe for Brown Butter cupcakes on the Cupcake Project blog, I added them to my list of things to bake someday.

Someday came in the form of the chili cookoff last week – I had heard there would be many chocolate things and also many pumpkin things. I had initially planned to do the sweet potato cupcakes that I love so much, but decided that they might be too similar to the pumpkin breads. At that point, I was back to square one, as I hadn’t yet decided on a second cupcake. Eventually, I decided to try out the brown butter cupcakes on my coworkers (in addition to the Dr. Pepper Cupcakes I talked about last week).

Brown Butter Cupcakes

I made the cupcakes as written, so I won’t repost the recipe here. The frosting was a bit different, though. I did have to make a last minute run to the grocery store for cream cheese, as I somehow didn’t put it on the list to pick up when I was out grocery shopping earlier in the day.

I made a nutmeg cream cheese frosting, using this Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting recipe as a jumping off point. Basically, I replaced the cinnamon with ground nutmeg. After piping it onto my cupcakes, I sprinkled each one with turbinado sugar.


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