Day 6: Mission, accomplished…

Buttons, originally uploaded by Kara Michele.

Well, the mission was kind of accomplished.

You wouldn’t think finding 13 buttons all the same would be that hard, but most of the ones I liked there weren’t enough of. I finally found buttons I love for my sweater, but I only found 9 of them. I am sure that I can find/obtain more of them sooner or later, but in the meantime I have only 9. Luckily, the remaining 4 buttons will go on the cowl portion of the sweater that I will probably never actually button, so I can use the ones I have to make the sweater wearable.

And yes, I could have ordered the buttons I needed, but JoAnns would have charged me shipping. $5 shipping for less than $3 worth of buttons seemed pointless. So I figured I can find more at a different JoAnn’s or when they restock.