Day 4 – Getting Healthy Update, November 4

HIP_342112743.433697It’s been an exceptionally long week – I’m pretty much running on caffeine and more caffeine at this point. In fact, I could use another caffeine infusion as I write this. Instead, I’ll stare at a picture of my caramel macchiato from this morning (you know you go to the coffee cart too much when the coffee boy has your drink half made before you get to the counter).

My efforts to get back on the healthy train have completely derailed lately. In fact, just yesterday I ate too much & none of it was particularly good food. One of the problems I face is that I get home from work hungry, but feel like it’s too early to eat dinner because I’m not 65. So instead of dinner, I graze and snack until it’s dinnertime. By then, I’m not really hungry, but it’s time for dinner. I think I’d be better off if I had an early dinner, then maybe a banana or apple if I get hungry again later. Or something else that would be filling and not a giant Snickers bar.

Obviously, having Halloween candy in the apartment is not helping at all.

On the better news front, though – we had to do our “Vitality check” at work – it’s an optional program you can join that has a lot of information & things to help you with overall health. Basically, once a year we sign up and do a health risk assessment along with the “check” that gets us glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and height & weight readings. All that stuff gets sent in to Vitality & then the company gives us a $30/month reduction on our health insurance cost. Those are the only things required to get the discount, but you can actually utilize the program a little more than that, earning points along the way (that you can eventually spend on some pretty cool stuff).

Anyway, at my check, my BP was fine, cholesterol was down almost 40 points from last year, and my glucose level was better – down by 15 points (I was in range last year, but only by a point or so, so I like that it looks better this year). So that’s all good, which makes me feel pretty good about that stuff.

I’m planning, however, to utilize the Vitality program some more – they have some “courses” you can take that teach about nutrition, reducing stress, etc. I figure it can’t hurt – I can’t seem to remember what I did in the past in order to replicate the results I had, so it can’t hurt to try something else that might work. There’s also a 90 day walking program I signed up to do that should get me back in the habit of getting to the gym and earn a ton of the points at the same timeĀ  – I don’t know if earning points for finishing things will be a motivator or not, but I’m hoping it will – especially since there’s a chance I could eventually earn enough points to “buy” myself a KitchenAid mixer (among other awesome things). It might be weird to think of something I would use for baking as a reward for regaining my health, though. Whatever works.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy new jeans that actually fit and that will hopefully last me until the next pair in my closet fit. Although based on measurements on the website, the jeans I’m going to look at first are 2 sizes bigger than the ones I wear all the time that won’t stay on. Just another little thing to prove size doesn’t matter. I really don’t care what size I end up being – I just want to be healthy.