Day 2 of 30: Where I watch a lot of Doctor Who

I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. A LOT. Last night I decided to skip the weekly installment of Biggest Loser* to watch the next storyline in my queue, set in The Library (season 4). It creeped me out a little – the “villians” in this one were things you couldn’t see, so you never really knew when they were going to strike. Even though I watched other things between the end of the story arc & bedtime, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Between that and my extra loud neighbor waking me up at 1am, I’m running on caffeine & adrenaline today.

I really struggled through the first two seasons of new Who – not because I didn’t like Rose, but because the stories were hard to get into. The more I watch, the more I enjoy the whole thing (which is good ’cause I’m completely addicted now) – I really like David Tennant as the Doctor, but I’m also eager to see what Matt Smith’s Doctor is like & to “meet” Amy & Rory. I foresee finishing season 4 over the weekend.

What to do when I run out of episodes to watch, though? I guess I can finish out Firefly and start Torchwood. Oh, and as suggested by Rachel, watch Buffy kick some vampire ass.

*I am so not feeling this season. I don’t like anybody enough to root for them over anybody else. I also don’t hate anyone, so I can’t even hope for that person to go home every week. As much as I disliked the drama of past seasons, I kind of miss it when faced with a group of people that I don’t relate to/care that much about. I hope they all do well, but MEH.


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