I’m toying with the idea of doing NaBloPoMo this year, but I find that I have trouble posting on a regular basis lately. So, this will be either an excellent way for me to get back in the habit of writing or I’ll run out of things to talk about in the next 3 days. If I can keep it up, I think my weekend posts will just be photo of the week type things – weekends are the hardest to find time to write, so the photo thing might help me with that.

In other news, my apartment smells like wet wool & has since sometime yesterday afternoon. Why? because I finished the knitting of my Twenty Ten sweater & it’s now blocking, but it’s a slow drying process. I also had to chase Fiona Falafel off the sweater tonight. *sigh* I also need to find 13 buttons and a lovely mustardy or honey colored long sleeved tee to go with it.

After I finished cooking & baking yesterday, I got the urge to pick up the other sweater I have on the needles (Folded) & am now to the point of needing to knit the sleeves before I go any further. I’m going to attempt to do both sleeves at the same time so that I can be sure I have the same number of rows and such on them, but before I can do that I need to finish the knitted holiday projects.

Related: next time I knit a sweater, I want someone to slap me if it’s blue. I’ve knit 6 sweaters in my knitting history & 4 of them have been blue. In fact, Folded will be the THIRD blue sweater this year alone.

Day 1: Done.