2011 World Series Champs, baby!!

How about them Cardinals? 2011 World Series Champs, baby!

I am, admittedly, not a sports fan. I could care less about football. Hockey is okay, but only because I want to see a fight break out (that’s really the only reason to watch hockey, right?). I can really do without basketball, at least NBA basketball (I did watch March Madness one year and really got into college basketball for that month).

But baseball? I am a born & bred St. Louis girl. I’ve been watching the Cardinals play as long as I can remember. I was at an NLCS game in the 80s (I think I was at Game 7 in 1987 as I remember being there when we clinched the title and wikipedia tells me the players are the ones I remember from that season). I like going to baseball games – I try to get to a game a year (though I didn’t make any 2011 games) and it’s not just for the nachos (although I do love the nachos). But the Cardinals? They’re my boys.

I’m not a superfan. I don’t watch every game, but I check in every once in a while to see how they’re doing. I’ve seen some great games. I’ve watched them win, I’ve watched them lose. Honestly, I had even checked out a little this year because they had traded my favorite player in 2010.* 2 months ago, I thought they were done for the season when they came out of nowhere & became the Wild Card team. It was crazy to see them come back the way they did.

And then Game 6 Thursday night. I turned it on when the Cards were down & had to turn it off again – I couldn’t handle watching. I turned the game back on in the bottom of the 9th expecting to see the end of the World Series. Seconds after I turned on the tv, Berkman batted in 2 runs to tie up the game. TIED THE GAME WHEN THEY WERE 2 RUNS DOWN IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 9TH, PEOPLE. Then in the 10th, the Rangers got 2 more runs and those boys tied it up AGAIN. In the 11th, local boy David Freese hit a home run to force Game 7. It was probably the most exciting 3 innings of baseball I’ve ever seen in my 36 years.

Game 7 was not nearly as exciting, but the win was still amazing. I don’t understand why the Rangers walked 2 folks in the 5th with the bases loaded – they GAVE them 2 extra runs. The last couple innings were exciting because I knew they were close to a win. And, well, 11 in 11, baby! It’s been a hell of a season. You can’t beat it.

(Picture from St. Louis Cardinals Facebook page)

*Ryan Ludwick was my favorite, only because his at bat song was Brass Monkey.