The one where I make an apron.

On Saturday I had Mindy over to my place for a day of sewing and all that jazz. While she worked on a pillow cover and a skirt, I decided to make an apron of my own. The apron will be super useful when it comes time for our chili cookoff at work next week – nothing like serving up chili to the masses to make you wish you had one.

I originally wanted to make a version of the half-apron I made for Mindy a couple years ago, but reality is that a half-apron is only useful if I want to look like a 50s housewife and not at all useful for keeping chili off my shirt and pants. (I will probably still make myself that apron someday, though.)

So, instead I found a pattern for a reversible full apron in my copy of Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewingbook. I made some minor modifications to the pattern including mods to the apron strings.

Reversible Apron

I made the apron strings that tie around the back longer, as I am not a skinny girl. I had intended to make them long enough to tie around front (as they did in the picture in the book), but that didn’t really work. Instead, they tie quite comfortably in the back. I also did not sew the strings as instructed, as that involved trying to turn them inside out after being sewn around 3 sides. Um, no. I wound up sewing them down one side, then ironing them into a semblance of a string & topstitching around 3 sides to close the string. In the future, I’d try a different method (maybe sew down a long side, the short side, then just a bit of the other long side, leaving a wide opening for turning along that side. It would make the ironing easier & alleviate the problems with turning a whole 25-40″ apron string inside out).

Reversible Apron

I also topstitched around the entire finished apron to give it a bit more finished look (and to avoid handstitching the opening at the bottom where I turned the apron). After the number of totes and bags I’ve done, I find that I really like the look of projects after they’ve been topstitched, so I tend to do it even in patterns that don’t call for it.

I bought the cupcake fabric I used specifically for an apron (and probably have enough left to do a second apron or other kitchen related items). The cherries on the other side have been in my fabric stash forever – they were originally intended to be a skirt, but I don’t wear skirts that much.* Yet, for some reason, I still want to make a cherry skirt out of the remaining fabric. I even have a pattern. Someone stop me.

Of course now that I’ve made my apron & have the sewing machine set up again, I really want to sew ALL THE THINGS! I have so many things on my list to make that I just don’t even know where to start.

*I wore a skirt to work once all summer & people kept asking why I was all dressed up. It was July and it was laundry day. ‘Nuff said.


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  1. I love that you were wise enough to not do the ties the way the pattern instructed. I never know why they recommend things like that. I actually can’t think of a more difficult way to go about it. If I’m working on something really narrow like that I usually press the raw edges about a 1/4″, then fold it in half long-ways, and press again, and just topstitch down the one long open side. If you give it lots of steam, it usually holds its shape pretty well for the stitching. Nice job!

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