Halloween Swap – Incoming

As I mentioned yesterday, the Halloween package I got from Mindy was full of awesome. Her name is “crafty and crap” for a reason, y’all.

First up, an overview of a large portion of my package:
Awesome swap stuff
We’ve got some fun spider cupcake stands (that I am trying to figure out how to use without actually baking cupcakes tonight because I don’t need a batch of cupcakes in the house. I’m thinking maybe a fruit salad in some foil cupcake liners), monster magnets, evil kitty statue, needle felted pumpkin, colored hot cocoa mix, fun halloween bandana (see background) and a cool Halloween house.

What’s that? You want a closer look at the house?
Halloween House
You can kind of see some orange things inside the house if you look through the windows. Those happen to be Ziggy the Wondercat’s new favorite toys.
Ziggy the Wondercat
(excuse the lame iPhone photo – if I’d gotten up for my camera, I would have missed the shot). The toy? Pipe cleaners wound around a pencil or round object. Ziggy has managed to un-spiral them in a matter of seconds, though. He loves them so much that I wake up with them in the bed, which is how I ended up putting one on his head for the picture. But toys in the bed? He never does that. (Fiona Falafel, however, looks at them with disdain & wonders what Ziggy is so excited about. Luckily, she got a new laser toy to play with and she’s super excited about it. This is entirely too much talk about my cats.)

Boo Banner
I also received this cool felt & embroidered “BOO” banner, which leads to a quick discussion of something I both love and hate about my apartment. The doors, door jambs, and kitchen cabinets are all metal. This is cool in that I can just stick stuff on them with magnets (and it works great in the kitchen for hanging recipes while I cook), but it’s a little weird. It feels very retro, and not really in a good way. But, that being said, the Boo Banner is now hanging above the doorway in my living room by a couple fun monster magnets (which you can kind of see in the very first picture).

And, y’all, as if that wasn’t enough – I got the most awesome scarf EVER.
Awesome Scarf

Seriously. It’s so awesome that I have to show you another picture of it, which still does not relay the awesomeness.
Awesome Scarf
Mindy made this scarf out of some Madelinetosh yarns* – SO COOL. I wore it all over the place yesterday at work. Sadly, I was not among yarn people, so nobody noticed or commented on it. Booo. It’s my new favorite thing.

So, I won the swap lottery this time. I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting, but you can obviously see how much awesome Mindy packed into the box. So much awesome.

*Funny story about the yarn Mindy used for the main color. When we went to Loopy Ewe in September, I picked up this exact color of madtosh & was all ready to put it in my basket to buy when Mindy told me I had to put it back. Obviously, she made a good choice with the yarn color. :)


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  1. What fun swap goodies! Aren’t new Halloween decorations fun? Scarf is stunning. The colors are marvelous. Autumn perfection.

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