Halloween Swap – Outgoing

A few months ago, Mindy & I decided to do a little Halloween swap amongst ourselves. Having both been recipients of less than stellar swap packages in the past, we decided that it would be better to swap with each other if it was a topic we were both interested in. And, having received my box full of awesome, I have to agree that it’s worked out well. This is not about what I got (that’s tomorrow), but what I gave.

You may remember that I made a zombie girl for Mindy a few months ago. Well, when we decided to do the swap, I thought Matilda the Zombie girl needed a boyfriend, so I modified the pattern just enough to make a boy.
Zombie Boy
He has two full legs so that he’s able to go out & fetch brains to bring back to Matilda, as it’s hard for her to get around on one leg & the stump. (Yes, it’s a little weird that I created a story for the zombies, but at least I realize that.) Yarn is (again) Dyeabolical Cotton Slub mixed with various leftovers from other projects. I’m particularly fond of his dangly button eyeball.

ghosts in tree
The tree is from Target, the little ghosts are from the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book. They are made with leftovers from my Ivory Tower Scarf.

I did a couple embroidery projects:
Owl embroidery
Pumpkin Girl Embroidery
The owl is from an Urban Threads pattern, the Pumpkin Girl is a free pattern (here). I did the embroidery hoop framing using this tutorial (I found a large piece of white felt at Upcycle Exchange* for this, so now I have plenty of felt to keep going, just need to find more wood embroidery hoops).

I also knit a pumpkin

and knit & crocheted a couple eyeballs.
I originally wanted to do a jar full of eyeballs, but didn’t like the patterns I was finding. I finally found another pattern to try recently that looks better than the others, but I didn’t have time to make the jar full of eyeballs by the time I found it.

Finally, Mindy recently shared on G+ her favorite trick or treat candies (thanks to the RFT’s best & worst Halloween treats countdown), so I got her a trick or treat bag full of sugar.
Favorite Halloween Candies
I rarely check G+, so it was funny that I happened to check it when she had posted that list. Although the dots she was talking about were not the gummy dots I found, but the candy ones that are stuck to paper. Oops. :)

So, that’s it. The things I made, found, and bought. There are more details on ravelry for my knitted & crocheted projects, but I was lax at taking notes this time, so it’s not as detailed as I usually get.

*Let me tell you a little about Upcycle Exchange if you don’t know about it already – it’s a great place to find random craft supplies in town & what you pay is basically just used to keep the shop open. The products are donated by whoever has craft supplies they aren’t using (I’ve dropped off a ton of stuff there that would have otherwise gotten lost at Goodwill) & anyone can go in & get stuff. I’ve found a lot of great stuff there, including Zombie Boy’s button eyes & probably the muslin I used to do the embroidery pieces (if I see muslin when I’m there, I generally grab it).


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