Better Than Ezra, October 15.

Over the weekend, I took a break from cleaning and crafting to head to the Better Than Ezra show at Lumiere Theater.

Better Than Ezra

I headed out with Mindy & E. for the early show, as we like being home & back in pj’s by 10pm.

Sometimes I wonder how I used to handle the all day concert events that kept me out until 2am. Hell, sometimes I wonder how I worked those night shifts that kept me out until 2am. Ah, the college years. They seem so far away now.

Anyway, while it was a very short set, BTE hit a lot of the songs that we all know – In The Blood, Good, King of New Orleans, Extra Ordinary, and more. They also did Breathless, which is one of my favorites. In between songs, Kevin bantered with the audience and the band, which was entertaining. Sadly, because it was one of two shows that night, they only played for an hour.The theater was also standing room only – no seats. So I guess it was good we weren’t all standing around for 2 hours, but still. I could have used more music.

I always enjoy seeing BTE live – they put on a fun show. We decided afterwards that we need to make it a point to see them whenever they’re in town (which seems to be about once a year). It’s always a good time when BTE is on stage.

(Oddly enough, there is a BTE song playing in the background as I finish typing this up. I did not plan it that way.)