In the Kitchen: Time to make the chili

We’re having a chili cookoff at work in a couple weeks, so I’ve been looking to expand my chili horizons a bit and have been experimenting with a couple recipes trying to find one that might be better than the standard recipe I use.

Slow Cooker Pizza Chili
The first one I decided to try was a Slow Cooker Pizza Chili, which was good but lacked the spice and kick I expect with a chili. I did find out that it worked great as a hearty pasta sauce when I mixed it with some leftover spaghetti I had. I’d probably try this one again, but maybe change it up a little more. I love being able to just throw everything in the slow cooker and come home to dinner in the evening.

Guinness Chipotle Chili

This Guinness Chipotle Chili, though, was delicious. I got the recipe from Tasty Kitchen, but modified it just a tad because I can’t leave well enough alone. Basically, I replaced one can of black beans with a can of dark red kidney beans.

Guinness Chipotle Chili
The up close & personal shot.

This one had a kick, thanks to the chipotle peppers, but it also had just a bit of sweetness. It was spicier than I normally make my chili, but I thought it was fantastic. I think it’s a winner, with my taste testing audience approving. With words like “nom nom” and “meaty!”, how can you go wrong?