Midtown Alley Street Fest

On Saturday morning, I headed to Midtown to attend the Midtown Alley Street Fest. In all honesty, I was in it for SLU’s Open Air Market, so I went early in the day. I missed out on most of the tasty foodstuffs, as the stands were just setting up as I was leaving.



SLU's Open Air Market

I came home with some great stuff:

  • honey wheat bread from Great Harvest Bread Co, which tastes amazingly delicious (you can find them in Kirkwood & Olivette)
  • the soaps from Bubble Lab make my bathroom smell wonderful. I came home with the rosemary mint & a hand scrubby one
  • the candle from Consolare smells amazing even when it isn’t burning,
  • DownZipper makes great little zipper bags (and business card holders, which you may remember from my trip to Strange Folk),
  • Grandma’s Nuts are delicious. There is not a way to say that last bit without it sounding wrong.

My one regret was that I only had my point & shoot camera with me. After hauling my “good” camera all over Strange Folk and trying not to whack people with it, I didn’t want to repeat that.* The market/street fest was much calmer & there was plenty of room for me to swing my camera around without smacking people in the head. I did manage to get a few pictures with my old Olympus, though.

*Related: I need a camera bag. SO VERY MUCH. I think I’ll try out this tutorial if I can find a proper purse to use for the bag portion.