Strange Folk Festival 2011 & Yarn Bombing

I had kind of a crappy week last week. It was really only two things, but they were big and, well, crappy.

  • Wednesday morning as I was parking my car at work, I ran over a large piece of broken beer bottle that punctured a hole in my tire. I wound up enlisting my coworker to help me with the spare tire, as my roadside assistance couldn’t find anyone in the entire city of St. Louis to help me out – the only person they could find was 25 miles out & it was going to cost me $20 to have them come out. Luckily I had purchased the road hazard warranty when I got my tires last year, so fixing it was covered. Unfortunately, I had to get a new tire, which was not covered. I did get a HUGE discount on the tire b/c of the warranty, but it was stil $50 to get it fixed.
  • Thursday evening I discovered (through a series of events) a major banking error thanks to my apartment rental company. There was much freaking out and a panicked call to my resident service office 15 minutes before they closed for the day to try to get it fixed. By 2pm on Friday, they had fixed everything & given me a substantial MasterCard gift card for my trouble.

Neither of these were life-altering problems, but right together at the end of the month when I had carefully budgeted for a trip to Strange Folk – well, they were especially unwelcome surprises. So to say I needed a nice fun trip to Strange Folk this year was understating things. Luckily, I got just that.

Saturday morning, Sharon picked up Mindy, Deborah, and myself to head over to the festival.

Let’s back up a bit, though. A couple months ago, Autumn put out a call for people to create things with which to yarn bomb the trees at the park. So several of us signed on to bomb a tree and knitted or crocheted things to go on the tree. In addition, I donated some random granny squares to the cause.

What’s this?* A tree with dresses? And could it be…

Strange Folk 2011
YES! It’s tiny Cthulhu!

I had decided early on when I was creating for a tree named Cthulhu that said tree needed a little Cthulhu. And if you look closely at the first picture, you can see that someone else did some colorwork Cthulhu’s to wrap around the tree.

Strange Folk 2011
The rest of our bombs wound up on various trees, with my main piece hanging out above all these cool animal faces. (More pictures of the yarn bombing in my flickr stream.)

Other than the yarn bombs, there was shopping to be done.

Strange Folk 2011
My first purchase of the day was from Isette – I got a pair of earrings that had been on my etsy wishlist FOREVER.

Strange Folk 2011
Then, of course, a stop at the Dyeabolical stand, where a skein of yarn jumped into my hands almost before I said hello.

Strange Folk 2011
And then we visited with the alpacas, where I got close enough to pet them and snap this picture of the baby alpaca. Actually I snapped one where he or she was closer to my camera, but all you see is alpaca eyeball ’cause it was trying to sniff me.

As always, we stopped and bought something from Anna Ourth Jewelry – I love her stuff & kind of wish I could buy all of it. Her stand was quite busy while we were there, so no pictures of it.

Strange Folk 2011
My haul for the year. The messenger bag was the “thank you present” for our yarn bombing efforts. Other purchases were a little business card holder from DownZipper and another pair of earrings – these from Narcise.

We made a full circuit, I think, but I still feel like I missed things. By the time we made it through, I was exhausted. After a pit stop at The Bead Place in Fairview Heights on the way home, I grabbed some dinner & took a long enough nap that I woke up having forgotten that it was only Saturday. But it was just what I needed after my week – some time outside with friends looking at all the crafty stuff.

Now I can hardly wait for next year.

*Confession – I totally had to steal/borrow this picture from Kate because I forgot to take a full sized Cthulhu tree picture. I got so excited by my tiny Cthulhu up there & Kim’s cool bright granny squares that I was distracted. So, thanks to Kate for letting me steal her picture. :)