(More & More) Stitches.

My London-based pal Sally had an important birthday back in August & had what appears by all accounts to have been a fabulous party. Unfortunately, London was a little too far away for me to get to for a party, so I didn’t make it. Someday, though, I will visit London & there will be much partying. I digress…

Sally & Kara, June 2009

On her actual birthday, I found a card that I just had to send her & then decided to include a little embroidery project for her.

Sally's Fairy

I went with a fairy because I always think of Sally when I see a fairy anything. She’s also fond of sparkly things, so I included some sparkly/metallic floss when I was working on this. (Unfortunately, the silk thread I used to stitch the dress bled a tiny bit. We’ll call it shading.) This particular fairy came from the Sublime Stitching Fairies & Gnomes sheet.

Sally's Fairy

In the close up, you can see the wings a bit better & the gold filament I used in the hair. For the wings, I stitched 3 colors of metallic floss (one being a braid that looked awesome, but wasn’t meant for stitching on fabric like this) close together. I penciled in the veins I wanted in the wings & stitched over those marks with the pearl/opal white. The hair is done with a combination of variegated and solid floss.

I really like making these little embroidery projects, but I need to start working with other stitches. I rock the backstitch and the french knot, but when it comes to other stitches, I’m afraid of messing things up with them. I have big plans to embroider a few items for myself, so maybe I’ll test out some new stitches then.