Life List #34: Pet a Stingray.

Last week when I was looking at the weather forecast, I noticed that the weather for this week was going to be amazing. As I have vacation time I keep trying to use up, I decided to extend my holiday weekend a day & spend some time at the zoo – I hadn’t been in a few years & they have the stingrays until the end of September.


I put “Pet a Stingray” on my life list because it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but not something I ever made an effort to do. By having it on the list, I was able to make the plan to just go to the local zoo and check it off the list.

I talked with one of the people working & she said the stingrays in the enclosure are target trained to come when they see hands in the water. Once I was comfortable enough to leave my hand there for a bit, several of them came by to get a pet. Then one of them thought I had lunch in my hand & made me jump. Petting a stingray is kind of like petting Mindy’s cat (the infamous Mildew). You just put your hand down and wait for a stingray to come slide up against it. (I usually have do the same thing if I want to pet Mildew – put your hand down and wait until she walks under it.) The stingrays are soft to touch – I don’t know how to explain it other than it is kind of like petting a nice cashmere yarn. I did get to see some of them get fed – the assistant* held the food in her hand & the stingrays just skimmed over the top & ate their little piece of shrimp or fish. (You can actually do the feeding yourself as part of the whole experience, but I didn’t do that.)

While the stingrays were what got me to the zoo, I was a little more excited when this peacock crossed my path as I was skirting around the flight cage.

I was able to get close enough to touch him (though I didn’t) & he just hung out for a bit while I took pictures.

Eventually, though, he decided he was done with me and wandered off the other direction.

(There are a few more pictures from my trip to the zoo starting here.)

*I don’t know what her official title is, but she was one of the people working at the exhibit.


3 thoughts on “Life List #34: Pet a Stingray.

  1. What a wonderful way to spend the day! I never would have thought stingrays would feel like cashmere! Still don’t think I want to knit with one, though… I love the way the peacock glistens and gleams in the sunlight. Such incredible colors! You are a lucky lady!

    • I had originally compared it to a really soft cat, then I remembered Mindy calling Mildew her “cashmere kitty”. They’re just soft & it’s really cool to pet them. :)

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