Healthy Update, September 5

It’s Labor Day here in the US, which means we’re all enjoying an extra day off work. It also means that my schedule is off & I forgot to weigh in this morning, so I’ll have to wait and see how I’ve done over the past week.

(The majority of this post was written last week during an episode of “not hungry but want food”.)

One of the things I really struggle with is eating when I’m not hungry. I eat when I’m bored, tired, or sometimes when I just want comfort food. I’m really trying to be conscious of what my stomach is telling me when I reach for a snack. Am I hungry? If I’m not, what else is going on? That yawn there? Means I’m tired. I’m craving sugar or something to give me a boost. But it doesn’t help & I’m not hungry. If the answer is boredom, then I just try to do something to engage that’s not food. Change the music, dance around (if I’m at home), or just get up and walk down the hall (especially if I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for a long time). Work is a prime time for the bored eating to hit, not because I’m bored at work, but I also lump in the “I need to think about this project for a minute” in there – I’m not physically doing anything, but I’m trying to engage my brain and figure out a solution, so I (AGAIN) reach for a snack.

I was thinking about getting a snack when I’m not hungry before I sat down to write the above paragraph. Stopping to write has helped, but I still want to crunch on something.

Over the last week, I decided to have a set menu of what I’m eating during the day – the plan was to do it for almost every meal, but I’ve discovered that just having the plan while I’m at work/during the day has freed up my options for evening a little more. So far, it’s not gotten boring and because the decisions are made, I don’t make bad ones. There’s also enough freedom in there to have a little something extra if I really do need a hit of sugar or extra caffeine. While I’ve been doing this off the food I have in my apartment already, I also think it will save me time and money in the grocery store because I won’t be wandering around wondering what to buy to get through the week and I get to avoid the frozen food section. My general menu is as follows:

Breakfast: oatmeal (regular or steel cut oats) with a hit of fruit (craisins, banana, etc), coffee.
Morning snack: Banana or Apple.
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with veggies on it, single serving of baked chips (this helps me get my Cheetos fix), apple if I’m really still hungry (so far I haven’t been).
Afternoon snack: yogurt (I’ve discovered I really like the Dannon Oikos greek yogurt, but it’s pricey to eat every day).
Dinner: baked chicken breast or fish (usually salmon), veggies of some kind.

I also had both my last PT session & follow up with the orthopedic surgeon last week. They both told me similar things when it comes to exercise: ease back in, 15 minutes per day for the first week, then gradually increase until I get back to my hour per day 3-4 times a week. I’m still doing PT exercises 3 times a week for a while. My hip is a lot stronger, but my IT band is still tight (which is one reason I have to ease back into the workouts). I tried to remember everything he told me so I could write it down when I got back to the office on Thursday. The sticking points:

  • 150 minutes per week of physical activity is recommended for everyone – this is just to maintain if you aren’t changing  your diet. So to lose weight, you need to add more in. (Since I’m changing my diet & such as well, I won’t have to do a ton more than that.)
  • I need to get back to strength training – he said I should do 2 times a week of full body strength training (muscle burns more calories, all those things your friendly personal trainer told you).
  • Maybe add in some yoga for flexibility – I had planned to do this anyway, as the stretching and stuff always helps. And I am not very flexible, so I need to work on that.

Overall, between the therapy & my appointment with the doctor, I feel pretty good. I can already tell a big difference just in the strength in my hip and such. I still have days where it’s sore, but nothing like it was before. So while I didn’t really think I needed the physical therapy again, it has helped immensely.

And now that I’ve gotten the ok, I need to get back to scheduling my gym time & making it a priority. But for now, I’m enjoying the rest of my long weekend.


One thought on “Healthy Update, September 5

  1. Something our WW leader mentioned, and has stuck with me through the years, to determine if you’re actually hungry, or if it’s just impulse eating… ask yourself “would I eat green beans?” if the answer is yes, then, you likely are hungry. If the answer is no – find something to redirect.

    OH – and something I found to get my potato chip fix? They have PopChips at Dierbergs. They’re not terribly expensive, and if you divide it when you get it – it’s 3 good servings in a bag. And they’re GOOOOOD!

    BTW, congratulations on the weight loss!

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