FO: Amiga (a summer cardigan)

When the issue of Knitty with the Amiga sweater initially came out, I had to do a double take – the yarn used in the sweater looked so similar to Dyeabolical Cotton Slub that I was sure it was the yarn in the sample. Alas, it was not, but the seed was planted. The cotton slub was the perfect yarn for this sweater. Then Rachel made one. And one of her test knitters made one. And I slowly grew to love the sweater. As I still had some of the older base in my stash just waiting for the perfect project, I just had to get started. I kind of love the finished product.


There was talk yesterday of being product vs. process knitters. Dixie blogged about it, then the Wednesday group chatted about it. I am definitely a product knitter – I love finishing things and having something new to wear. I am definitely still an “OOH, SHINY!” knitter – I get it in my head that I want to start something and it’s hard not to start it (which is why I wind up with 12 WIPs at once), but I love finishing. I love even more when the things I finish are things I can wear right away.


Pattern: Amiga by Mags Kandis, size L (44.25″)
Yarn: Dyeabolical Cotton Slub in Perfect Turquoise(note: both the yarn & dye have changed since I got mine, but the new versions are also nice).
Needles: Size 9 circs (I started on 7s, but my gauge was way off. So I went up 2 sizes to make up for it. I did not properly swatch ’cause I am a bad knitter.)
Mods: I did the increases as make 1’s instead of kfb. I think it looks cleaner that way. Also, this cardigan is meant to have positive ease. Also, picked up 3 extra sleeve stitches on each side, then k2tog on the next row. Didn’t do sleeve decreases. I also added 3 inches onto the body length. Finally, as I was knitting with the intention of shrinking my body, I went with the size closest to my actual measurements & figure that I will be able to give it a good hot wash when I lose a bit more weight. That way I can still wear it next summer.

Pictures taken by Rachel.


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