Witty title about knitting goes here.

For a brief moment, I had thought I might be able to write a witty post about my awesome new sweater today. Alas, I am still slogging through knitting the collar on said awesome sweater, so the post will be next week sometime (I’m guessing. I’m halfway done with the collar, so I should have photos and witty discussion ready then). I’ve got plenty of Doctor Who and a knit night to help me on my way to finishing this bad boy.

While I always have a ton of WIPs going to keep the knitting mojo (though I still sometimes lose the mojo anyway), I’m nearing the finish line on a few of them (and I’m not even close to finishing the rest). Right now I’m really focused on those few specific projects while the others languish sadly waiting for me to pick them up again.

  • Amiga – previously mentioned sweater of awesome that is almost done
  • Stripe Study – on the final border. 4 inches of garter stitch.
  • Clockwork – I’m about halfway done with the second section, which means I’m about 75% done with the shawl (I think).
  • My yarn bomb for Strange Folk – Autumn had the idea that the community get together & create some yarn bombs for the trees around Strange Folk. This is on a deadline, but I’m working on it. I decided to crochet my bomb as it’s faster & I can alternate stitches to add height or whatever. My Cthulhu is still missing his head, too.

I’ve also got some secret projects I need to get to work on, but I think I’ve at least decided what to make and can finally get started on them.

So much knitting (and crocheting, embroidery, sewing, weaving), so little time.


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  1. I have front burner projects and languishers too… Need to finish the languishers before I cast on. Should be a mantra but it’s not catchy enough…

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