Bringing Healthy Back, Week #17

I didn’t do a “get healthy” update last week because I wasn’t feeling it – there are only so many times I can say the same thing.

But then on Tuesday I was talking to my physical therapist about some of the gym stuff. I have a mental block when it comes to any of the weight machines. For whatever reason, I feel like trying to do them alone will result in people pointing and laughing. I know that’s not the case, as everyone is pretty involved in their own workouts, but it’s still stuck in my brain. I need to fix that. I don’t have this problem when I am in classes at the gym or while spending time on the cardio machines. IT’S JUST WITH THE WEIGHT MACHINES. So. I’m going to work on that.

As for the gym in general, I haven’t been in a few weeks. First it was because of the hip, then the ankle, and last week it was a time management + fear issue. The fear is only because I haven’t been in so long & don’t want to injure myself more. But I need to get over that – the plan is to go tonight & test out my hip on the elliptical for a few minutes, then spend a little time on the treadmill. I’m still on restrictions for the hip from my PT, which means that I’m not supposed to power through the pain like I was doing before. So, I’m limited to shorter bouts of cardio and I really need to get over my weight machine thing and do some strength training, especially upper body & core. Really really need to work on my core.

I’m also setting a small weight loss goal to lose 20 pounds by Dec. 31. That’s just about a pound a week & something I should be able to accomplish when I’m back to the gym & keeping my diet in line. Right? RIGHT! AND this will put me 4 pounds under what I weighed before the year of stress had me gaining some weight back.

Speaking of food, I’m trying to get back to basics – by which I mean lots of fruits & veggies and less processed meals and crap. I always have problems eating enough fruits & vegetables, so I really need to make sure I’m getting my 5-9 servings per day. That should also help me not eat the crap, although I need to work on that 2:30pm snack craving when I’m at work. The problem, as I said earlier today on twitter, is that Fritos taste better than carrots.

Finally, the weigh in – I’ve held steady the last 3 weeks now. The scale isn’t really moving in one direction or the other – which is why there are all these plans being made to get it moving back in the right direction. 19 weeks = 2o pounds gone. It will happen.


2 thoughts on “Bringing Healthy Back, Week #17

  1. You can totally do it! Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise in my mind. If you keep up the healthy diet part I’m pretty sure you can succeed!

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