Reading: The Graveyard Book

I’ve been on a bit of a reading kick for the past couple weeks – it seems to come and go. Apparently I went from April to July without finishing a single book (as I discovered while updating my Goodreads list & realizing that I couldn’t remember a single thing I’d read during that time). Sure, I started books, but I would lose interest in them fairly quickly. I was too busy getting my crafty on, I guess.

The Graveyard BookAfter finishing a re-read of Good Omens, I picked up The Graveyard Book (which has been sitting on my shelf for a couple years waiting for me). It’s a children’s/young adult book, yes. But it’s Neil Gaiman and all his books eventually wind up next in the queue.

Without giving anything away, what I loved about this book was simple – I was completely sucked in. I wondered about what was happening with the characters after the book ended – the ghosts, humans, and supernatural creatures. All of them. I still want to know what’s happened in their lives (or afterlives, as the case may be).

Up next: A re-read of Wicked with the intent to get through Son of A Witch & A Lion Among Men before the new Oz book comes out, or at least soon after. Then again, given that my re-read of the Harry Potter books has stalled at Chamber of Secrets, who knows if this reading kick will stick around long enough for me to get through all of them.