Getting Healthy, Week 15

As I mentioned, I sprained my ankle last Wednesday. And we’re not talking about my week in food – I’m just going to have to erase the past few weeks from my memory & pretend like I’m starting over. *erase erase erase* However, I stepped on the scale yesterday morning anyway & found that I was down .6lbs (yay!), but with the sprain I can’t really do gym stuff (boo!), so I really need to keep the food in check.

I’m still struggling with my need for jeans that fit and having at least one pair in my closet that I can almost wear. I put them on this morning & they were just a smidge too snug to wear all day. SO VERY CLOSE. Which just reiterates that I need to keep the food in check this week (and next week and the week after that) so I can save myself 40 bucks by not having to buy transitional jeans.

Unrelated to the health & fitness thing, but on my mind all the same – my favorite eyeshadow palette has been discontinued. I’ve been using the same one for a while (probably too long, actually), so now I’m experimenting with new eye looks. That smoky eye thing that is in style at the moment? Not appropriate for me during the day. It’s just too much.


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