Getting Healthy, Week 14

Last Tuesday I started physical therapy for my hip again. Because the bursitis is an evil evil mistress. Or something.

Ahem. Anyway, the therapist told me that some of the muscles in my hip/leg are really strong, while the others are really weak. My IT band is also quite weak, so we’ve started on some non-weight bearing exercises and stretches that are supposed to help (and they mostly do, though my hip is sore after I do them). I’ve also been instructed that I can’t sit in my normal position (I’m a “tuck my legs under me” kind of girl) and that I also can’t sleep in my normal position (one leg bent at an odd angle or on my side), at least not on purpose. On top of that, I’m restricted to only 30 minutes at at time on the treadmill & no Zumba. Of course, all of this is temporary until I build up the strength and stuff and my strong muscles aren’t compensating for the weak ones. It’s been an interesting week trying to sit like a normal person and sleep in a straight line, but it seems to be working so far.

This morning was, of course, the weigh in. There are a variety of things that went wrong last week, but I prefer to focus on the week ahead. July was just a tough month overall to stick with the plan (for a myriad of reasons), but new month = new start.  I have a fridge full of delicious fruits and I remembered to bring enough to work today to snack on when I feel like I need a snack. Now I just need to remember to do that for the rest of the week.


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