Getting Healthy, Week 13

To be honest, I’ve been completely off the rails this month with food. I’m still tracking and making attempts to get enough exercise in to compensate for the excess points I’m consuming, which explains why I’ve still been losing, but I can’t keep this up forever. Thursday night, I got bored & started snacking on popcorn when I wasn’t even the least bit hungry. I realized what I was doing, though – I put the popcorn down and went to the gym to spend some time on the treadmill. Needless to say, there was no surprise this morning when I got on the scale & was up almost a pound. But hey, these things happen.

All week my hip was screaming at me – ever since I let the doc poke around my hip until I said “OUCH!” on Monday. I tried to get in some workouts anyway, but it hurts when I do nothing, so doing something doesn’t make it feel any better. I start physical therapy again tomorrow, so that should help. I just need to find that balance when I’m done with therapy so I can keep working out without exacerbating the bursitis –  I’ve spent a small fortune trying to get back to a place where I can move without pain and it has not been fun. My goal is really to just keep moving while I’m doing PT, which means yesterday I spent some time on the treadmill watching Project Runway (there should totally be a Project Runway on demand channel – for whatever reason, I can stay on the treadmill for an entire episode of PR).

In addition to “just keep moving”, I’m also going to try to rein it in a bit food-wise this week. It will be a challenge, mostly because there will be treats (that I will be baking) for knitting on Wednesday night. But the plan is to keep in check the rest of the week so that one night won’t be so damaging. I hope to do that, at least.