I might be a little too excited for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

YIP 58.365 HAT!Do y’all remember my super fun (and awesome) Harry Potter-related hat? Let me just say that if it wasn’t 80 bazillion degrees with like 1000% humidity outside right now, I would probably be wearing my Animal Crackers hat in anticipation of the last Harry Potter movie.

I. Am. Excited. Actually more excited now since I re-read Deathly Hallows in a 2 day period. I think it took me something like 25 hours total, but I slept and had to go to work both during that time. (I read half the book Sunday evening. If I hadn’t needed to work on Monday, I would have read straight through the night, thus resulting in a bit of a delirium where I could have thought the whole thing was reality and not fiction. So it’s probably a good thing I got some sleep and had to take a reading break, lest I try to jump a train and demand to go to Hogwarts.)*

I wanted to re-read the book, but thought (a) there was no way I would get through the whole thing again before I see the movie, and (b) it might be better to see the movie(s) and then reread. But the book taunted me from my shelf on Sunday night & I couldn’t resist.

I’m hoping that it’s good that I got excited after reading the book. I realize that the movies and the books are slightly different entities & while I disagree with some of the decisions made during the whole filming/editing process (like leaving out the history of the Mauraders Map in Prisoner of Azkaban & Voldemort’s history in Half Blood Prince), I can appreciate them for what they are. In fact, once I got over the initial disappointment with Half Blood Prince, I found I was able to enjoy the movie much more on it’s own merits.

As for Deathly Hallows, I didn’t manage to catch Part 1 in the theater (for a variety of reasons), and even though I bought the DVD almost the instant it came out, I still haven’t watched it. Mindy & E also missed out in the theater, so we decided that we’d catch them all together to rid ourselves of that pesky 6 month waiting period between movies, which has worked out well. Now we’ll get it all done in a weekend, but without sitting through 5 hours (or more – how long are these things) of movie all at once.

And maybe I’ll take my hat to the theater with me. They keep those places pretty cold…

*(I really did just turn 36 and I’m not secretly a 12 year old superfan, even if I am acting a little bit too fangirly at the moment.)(I was 11 years younger than I am now when I jumped on the HP Bandwagon. So I might even be too fangirly for a 25 year old right now. But let’s pretend that this is all perfectly normal for a person of my age without kids.)(I can’t be the only person in my age bracket geeking out, can I?)


3 thoughts on “I might be a little too excited for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

  1. You are NOT alone with the HP geek episode. Seriously. My best pal got to go see a preview showing several weeks ago and reported that he’ll see it again in the theater when it comes out, that’s how good. It got me so excited that I had to reread the book before I see it in the theater. And I was still crocheting on my dress deadline, and working, and sleeping, and getting ready for a house guest, and… I read it in like 2 days too. Our usual routine is to reread the whole series prior to a movie release, but I just couldn’t make that this time. I’m such a slacker. And one more thing…if you’re too old to be a fangirl, then my pal and I are definitely too old. (No way!)

    • And judging from what I’ve seen on FB the past few days, I think there are other people equally excited. :) I almost want to reread the whole series again now, but I think I’m going to wait a while. :)

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