Hometown Swap: Outgoing

Even though I’m still (im)patiently waiting for my Henson package to arrive from Canada, I had another swap to finish up in June. I decided kind of randomly to participate in a Hometown Swap & share a little of St. Louis (and even Festus) with my downstream partner.

As I was shipping to Phoenix and it’s summer, I couldn’t send anything meltable. This meant (basically) that I would not be doing any cookie baking for this swap, as I like to make things with chocolate & it melts. I did, however, manage to find some tasty treats & a ton of other stuff.
Hometown Swap Package
There was so much I wanted to include in this package, but I had to rein it in a bit. I just kept coming up with great ideas: a few of the things that just didn’t make it in the box included a copy of Meet Me in St. Louis, books by people from St. Louis, a monkey from the zoo…

Just kidding about the monkey. Maybe.

I also went a little crazy with the handmades this time.

Fleur de Lis
I cross stitched this fleur de lis (thanks to Mindy for helping me out with a pattern!) with some Dyeabolical Limited Edition Silk Thread. I picked this up at Strange Folk a couple years ago & hadn’t yet figured out what to do with it. I think it worked perfectly here.

(This is getting long. Click on through to read the rest)

Crochet Hook Holder
This cute little crochet hook holder came from this tutorial with a minor modification – I made it a little wider to accommodate more hooks. The embroidery also used a bit of the same silk thread in the yarn & wording. I am totally making one of these for myself very soon, too. It’s so much more fun and portable than the plastic holder I inherited from my mom.

YIP 353.365 Calorie Free Ice Cream!
I also crocheted this little ice cream cone to represent the 1904 World’s Fair. Was the ice cream cone actually invented there? Maybe not, but it was introduced to the world in St. Louis. Also introduced to the world at that time? Dr. Pepper (perhaps this explains my love affair with the Doctor) and serving a hot dog on a bun.

Backyard Violets Shawl
As for knitting, I whipped up this shawl out of some blinged out yarn I had dyed with much help from Mindy. I was nearly out of yarn by the time I got to the garter border, so I grabbed the one DIC Starry in my stash & used it for the border – by chance it worked as a great complementary color & I also really like how it added a bit of contrast at the end.

Tanglefoot Mitts
Finally, I made these fingerless mitts to represent the hometown’s history. From my note to my swapee:

Festus & Crystal City are known locally as the Twin Cities – the line between the two cities is almost negligible & with the two cities being less than 10 square miles together, it’s easy to forget they aren’t the same one. Anyway, Crystal City was originally a dry company town where they made plate glass. Since no alcohol was allowed there, the workers would cross just over into the next city & get their drink on. The city got named Tanglefoot because the workers would get all tangled up & trip over themselves getting home. Town legend says that once they were ready to incorporate Tanglefoot into an actual city, they decided it needed a better name. So they picked up a Bible & opened it to a random page, pointed to a word and Festus was born. For the town’s beginnings, I decided to go with the “Tanglefoot Mitts”, as the cables get tangled and twined on themselves.

Oh, I also did a little photo scrapbooky thing of St. Louis, or at least of MY St. Louis. There was so much I couldn’t include because of time and weather constraints, so I tried to focus in on the places I either visit frequently or already had pictures of. This is a mosaic of the photos I used in it, you can see the whole set here.
My creation

I also did a CD of musicians/artists from St. Louis (or with some StL connection, at least). Track list? Sure thing.

  • The Entertainer / Scott Joplin
  • Freddie Freeloader / Miles Davis
  • Johnny B. Goode / Chuck Berry
  • Proud Mary / Ike & Tina Turner
  • I’ll Be Comin’ Around / Bottle Rockets
  • Radar Gun / Bottle Rockets
  • Give Back The Key To My Heart / Uncle Tupelo
  • Casino Queen / Wilco
  • Heavy Metal Drummer / Wilco
  • Drown / Son Volt
  • Superstar / Sheryl Crow
  • Love Me Dead / Ludo
  • Bom Bom Bom / Living Things
  • Until the Day I Die / Story of the Year
  • Closer / The Urge
  • Violent Opposition / Urge
  • Beautiful / Akon
  • Hot in Herre / Nelly

And with that, I am done with swapping for a while. I have sweaters and socks and shawls to knit this summer and fall, as well as a yarn bomb for Strange Folk to get to work on. PHEW.


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  1. Ok, I seriously want to be in a swap with you as my partner. You are AWESOME! I hope you get some fabulous packages back. :)

    • Thanks! This one was extra awesome because I was sending to the moderator/organizer of the swap, so I felt some extra pressure. :)

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