Birthday #36

The weekend found me celebrating my birthday in style. Sort of.

I guess you could say the party really started on Wednesday, when Rachel made me delicious cupcakes & gifted me with a Dyeabolical Sock Flat.
YIP 363.365 Sock flat!

On Saturday, I dropped by Knitorious to pick my discount out of a bag & spend some birthday yarn money I had gotten from D-squared at dinner on Friday. I got lucky with the discount & drew out the 25% poker chip (yay!) and scored some malabrigo sock yarn.
YIP 364.365 Birthday Yarns!

Sunday was a dim sum brunch with friends, where we ate until we were ready to explode & I got some lovely presents (including a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe).
Birthday presents!

As usual, we made the post dim sum visit to the bakery & then market next door, where I was tempted to buy some milk drink because of the guy on the cans…
Milk Drink
…and where I also bought some durian candy. Yes, I knew what I was getting into. One doesn’t watch a million episodes of No Reservations without seeing Tony reference and/or eat durian. But I didn’t quite expect to taste the aroma in the candy. It was…weird. And not in a good way. I could TASTE THE SMELL. That’s just not right.

And today I’m going to celebrate the 4th by eating lots of fruit & knitting until my fingers fall off. These sweaters don’t knit themselves, after all.
Amiga in progress


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