Where’d my knitting mojo go?

I have temporarily lost my knitting mojo. Over the weekend, I finished a project that was on a deadline & since then, well, no mojo. I can’t decide what I want to work on, even though I have several projects in progress I could work towards finishing. I’ve looked through my ravelry queue to see if anything there struck my fancy to start and the only things I want to start are sweaters, but I already have two of those going at the moment & don’t think it’s wise to start another one.

Specifically, I want to make Amiga out of some Dyeabolical Cotton Slub I got for my birthday a couple years ago. Right. Now.

Although, considering that it was birthday gift yarn & it IS nearly my birthday again, perhaps I’m meant to start another sweater right now? SOMEBODY TALK ME DOWN OFF THE SWEATER KNITTING LEDGE. I do not need 3 sweaters on the needles.* Nor do I need to spend time doing math to figure out which size I should make so I can wear it now, but also wear it again when I’ve shrunk a bit more.

Birthday Yarn!
But look how pretty the yarn is…

Ahem. Anyway, I think trying to finish up projects for the last swap I’m in (shipping this weekend!) kind of sent me over the edge. I had some minor pattern issues (mostly called “I didn’t read the pattern correctly”) and finished the project only because I was determined it wouldn’t get the best of me.

Here’s the reality check: I have 9 projects in progress at the moment. At least three of them are in limbo while I try to decide what to do with them. Which puts me with 6 projects I could feasibly work on at any given time – 2 pair of socks, 2 sweaters, 2 shawls. I would like to get a number of those projects finished, but (as previously mentioned) I am so not feeling the mojo. Knitting should be fun, right? And it’s all about the knitting mojo.

In the meantime, Cthulhu has no head because I keep messing up when I get to the decreases. I think it’s the difference between working in circles for the head & working in a spiral for the body. Why do they need to be different? I don’t know, yet one of the many things in crochet I don’t quite get yet.
YIP 359.365 Cthulhu parts

*Although, to be fair, one of them is flowy enough that I should be able to wear it for a while, the other is a cardigan that may or may not fit well for a while (but that’s the chance I’m taking), and Amiga will fit forever or close to it.  Further, the fact that I haven’t done a gauge swatch is moot ’cause gauge is virtually the same as it was for the baby sweater I made last year out of the same yarn. So there.


One thought on “Where’d my knitting mojo go?

  1. I’m in a similar mood with crochet. I’ve been distracted by sewing at the moment and integrating new household members (feline and human) that I couldn’t stay focused on it right now if I tried! ;)
    You’ll find your way back…

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