Reflections on my 35th year

I know we’re a little early, as the birthday is just over a week away still, but I thought it would be a good time to reflect. While I am excited for the upcoming birthday*, I’m also feeling a bit “meh” about it.

I had high expectations for my 35th year that just didn’t pan out. Okay, I didn’t have any specific expectations, but I was hoping a new kind of awesome would happen or something. It’s hard to place my finger on why I feel let down by 35, especially when I lay out what I accomplished during the year.

What did I achieve in the past 365 days?

Officially got my MPH – my degree conferred in August & I got my diploma in the mail shortly after that (yay!)
2010 Graduate! WOOT!

Went on a pretty awesome vacation roadtrip with the family, during which I saw a lot of places I hadn’t before (like Cadillac Ranch),
Day 2: Cadillac Ranch
got to visit Sedona for the first time (I loved it so much that I want to go back and spend more time there), (related: Can you believe the sky in this picture?! SO BLUE!!)
Day 9: Chapel of the Holy Cross
and got to visit with the family in Phoenix.
Day 8: Christy's Baby Shower

Completed a 10k.
YIP 343.365 10k DONE. :)

Got back on track with the whole “get healthy” thing, at least I’m making good progress in that direction. (there are no pictures that go with this. YET.)

Petted chickens for the first time. Not that it’s an accomplishment, but how cute is Bagel as a baby chick?
YIP 276.365 Baby Chicks!

Learned how to shoot in black & white on my camera, made a tiny bit of progress on using the non-automatic features.
Ziggy in black & white

Finished my first two quilt tops that used an actual pattern. (Next step: Finishing the rest of the quilting. YIKES.)
FINISHED!Charm Squares Quilt

Conquered my fear of yeast by making lots & lots of bread.
YIP 255.365 Fresh Baked Bread!

And accomplished a couple crafty endeavors, including becoming more comfortable with fair isle knitting (by making these awesome mittens for Mindy) and picking up cross stitch again.

So, in reality, I should not be disappointed in my 35th year because I did SO VERY MUCH. I accomplished a lot of the things I set out to do (even when I thought I might be crazy for trying them – like walking that 10k) and had some fun along the way. Let’s hope the next year will be even better.

*Mostly because it’s an excuse to eat all the things I haven’t had in a while. I’m going off plan for the birthday weekend, y’all. (Not too crazy, but one meal a day will be whatever I want. I will deal with the repercussions of that afterwards. Besides, I have a 5k in September to train for.)


One thought on “Reflections on my 35th year

  1. In high school and such there was a lot more pressure for my years, such as 16, 18 etc. Freshman year, its gonna be awesome etc. At a certain point I stopped having expectations for my year of life but instead my expectations in life. It certainly keeps years from being less than I hope, I just need to make sure I am pleased with my life expectations when I run out of years. Thats and at a certain time I just want to enjoy life versus making large goals to accomplish yearly. I’m not going to pressure myself to knit 36 objects, learn 3 new hobbies and create world peace. Odd when lots of folks at this age have big goals of getting pregnant, getting a raise etc.

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