Getting Healthy Update, Week 8

Let’s start out talking breakfast, shall we? I’ve reached a point where the thought of eating one more bowl of oatmeal makes me want to throw things. Clearly, I need something different for my morning breakfast. It needs to be quick and easy and preferably something that can be prepared either the night before or once I get to work. I am not known for getting out of bed in time to do anything extra in the mornings. So, people, this is where you throw suggestions at me. I like to keep my breakfast around 5-6 points. Cereal is not a real option, as I wind up hungry about an hour after I eat it. Any ideas? Related – could I make my own breakfast burritos & freeze them? Would that even work?

The weigh in this morning was pretty good. After last week’s’ setback, I’m back down again. The scale claims 3.4 pounds in one week, I claim that I weighed in on a very heavy day last week. Either way, I hit the 10 pound mark officially this week. So yay!

As for the workouts – I did not make a triumphant return to Zumba last Thursday. I forgot that it was 7am meeting day & I didn’t think I’d make it out of the house again for a 7pm class. Instead, I did a regular gym session after a brief nap. After the walk last weekend, I wasn’t really feeling it in the gym this week. I went & put some time in, but I totally phoned it in for the week*. I didn’t even hit my 10,000 step mark for the walking program most days. (I hit it for 3 out of 7 days. SLACKER.)

One thing I did do last week was start looking at other 5k races/events coming up once summer has passed us by. I briefly toyed with doing one in July, but then came to my senses. I would like to be able to run at an event in early September, then I’m tentatively planning to do the Halloween 5k in October & maybe a Thanksgiving 5k in Festus in November. We’ll see how it all pans out with the hip and the running, though.

So, some goals for the week:

  • I want to be able to hit the step/walking goal for at least 5 of the 7 days. I think that’s doable, right?
  • Spend some time on the treadmill working up to the running. Kind of a modified couch to 5k program.
  • More fruit/veggies. I really slacked on my fruit & veggie intake last week & I need to get better about that, especially since I’m spending good money on fresh fruit & vegetables.

*I had to explain this phrase to someone earlier today. Everyone knows what I mean when I say I’m phoning it in, right?


4 thoughts on “Getting Healthy Update, Week 8

  1. That’s interesting that you feel hungry after cereal but not after oatmeal. It’s exactly the other way around for me – after a bowl of oatmeal I feel strangely full for about an hour, but literally about-to-pass-out hungry immediately after that. Never happens with cereal. As for good breakfast suggestions – I don’t know, it’s a difficult one. Yogurt could work, especially one that’s a little larger/more filling, and not low-fat. This is because the low-fat ones can be as low as 80 calories, which I don’t think would be enough for breakfast. I like to have a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast sometimes, but that’s pretty unhealthy. This morning I had a small thing of cottage cheese (also not very filling). So my ideas are lame. Sorry.

  2. breakfast was one of the biggest changes i made when i started eating healthier – i used to always skip it, but found it was the major key for me in losing and maintaining weight. not sure how these convert in points, but i like to have a bunch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick breakfast. greek yogurt is also a good one & high protein. i like the fage 0% or the oikos plain, then i mix in some berries & slivered almonds. or, there’s always the overnight oatmeal so it’s ready in the morning – yum. :)

  3. I used to make myself modified egg mcmuffin sandwiches every sunday and put each one in a ziploc in the fridge and then grab one in the morning and eat it on the way to work. With whole grain english muffins and one egg (or maybe egg white? Blech!) You could probably swing this.

  4. Seriously?! Someone didn’t get the “phoning it in”???

    PS – Happy early birthday!

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