Henson Swap: Outgoing

I’m participating in a couple swaps on Ravelry again – these are my last two for a while (as I need a little break & the themes for the rest of this year aren’t my style). The Jim Henson swap was mailed out at the end of May. I’m still waiting for my package to arrive, thanks to the Canada Post workers striking & other unavoidable issues. In the meantime, though, my package was sent and received. I put quotes from different Henson projects with each item this time, just to make sure everything got tied into the theme properly. :)

Henson Swap Outgoing
This is a Ludo-esque monster. My swappee was a Labyrinth fan (who isn’t, right?) & especially liked Ludo. I’m not really skilled at designing things from scratch, so I used a Rebecca Danger pattern & modified it a bit to create a Ludo-esque monster.

Henson Swap Outgoing
I also made a little tote with an embroidered Beaker on it. Funny story – the original picture I used to create this had Beaker’s “Meep!” at the bottom. I decided kind of last second to leave that off & didn’t trace it. Later I realized that was a very good decision, as I had forgotten to reverse the image. The “meep!” would have been backwards. Whoops.

Henson Swap Outgoing
Then, because Gonzo likes anything with chili peppers on it, I whipped up this little project bag.

Henson Swap Outgoing - Mitts
The final handmade – I whipped up these quick fingerless mitts because I felt like including a wearable (and, at the time, felt like the package needed a little something else). The tie-in to Henson was “something to keep you warm as you get through the Labyrinth”.

Henson Swap Outgoing
Everything all together. The yarn is Dyeabolical cotton warp. The candy/chocolates are tied into The Muppet Movie (except the rock candy – sent as bits of the Dark Crystal (thanks to Mindy for that awesome idea)).

And now I’ll have to wait patiently (to the best of my ability) for my package to arrive.