Healthy Update, Week 7

Saturday morning found me in Edwardsville, Illinois to participate in the Route 66 10K with my coworker Christina. It was marketed as a run/walk, so I thought there would be more people walking. But it was also a championship running event for Illinois. As it turns out, 99% of the people were running & there were very few walkers. I spent a lot of time not being able to see the people in front of me or hear the ones behind me (Christina is a runner, so she was able to run a good portion of it & finished about half an hour before I did).

All week, I kind of dreaded participating – I haven’t done a full 10K before (though I have done a 5 mile hike) & I didn’t want to be the last walker standing. Saturday morning as the thunderstorms rolled through before I got out of bed, I started to wonder if I could legitimately cancel. But I couldn’t come up with a good reason to bail, so I got out of bed & got ready to go. We arrived in Edwardsville kind of early & had a lot of time to kill before the race started at 8am. When the race started, everybody took off running. I mean it – EVERYBODY was running (except me). For me, that first mile was killer – my quads & hips weren’t quite ready for the pace I was walking, even though I didn’t feel like I was going any faster than normal. And the rear guard (a guy on a bike & a police officer) were right behind me, which was annoying.

About 1 1/2 miles in, I passed one girl who had given up running & was just walking it.* Ahead of me was another group of walkers who I would see from time to time depending on terrain. But mostly, I was in it solo. There were a lot of cheerleaders (literally – the cheerleaders from SIUE were cheering people along) and encouraging folks, but after a while I was like “YEAH, WHATEVER” when someone would tell me I was doing a good job, at least in my head. The number of runners & lack of actual walkers had thrown me off a bit.

Mile 6 markerAround mile 2, I got hit by a nice (and welcome) rain shower. It had been just sunny enough to make me sweaty and warm, so the cool down was nice, though after a couple minutes I wondered if and when it was going to stop raining. When I hit the 5k mark, I saw that I was ahead of my expected pace – I thought I’d average around a 20 minute mile, I hit that timer around 55 minutes in. The next mile was pretty easy & I got through the checkpoint there and thought “Okay, 2/3 done. Only 2 more miles.” About halfway through mile 4, I started to wear down a bit. I just kept telling myself “Okay, less than 4000 steps left.” It seemed like forever before I hit that 5 mile mark, but I did. After a few more twists and turns to get back into town, I hit the 6 mile mark & could see the finish line ahead of me. Yay, finish line!
YIP 342.365 10k DONE. :)

And then, I was done. 10k in 1:51.22 (approximately). I was sore, but not out of breath. During the whole thing, I found I was able to talk (or sing along to my iPod), so I wasn’t moving so fast that I would wear myself out completely, but I was getting good cardio.

As it turned out, I averaged around a 17.75 minute mile, which was faster than I thought I would go by quite a bit. My average pace on the treadmill is around 3.2 miles per hour and I did this at around 3.4 mph. Afterwards, we relaxed for a few minutes & snacked on the free food for the racers, took a quick walk through the festival, & headed home (where I collapsed into a 4 hour nap). Other than the blisters on my feet, I ended in pretty good shape – my hip didn’t bother me any more than normal (possibly even less so), I stretched out my legs at the end so my muscles wouldn’t be quite as sore (they’re still a bit sore), and hey I FINISHED A 10K! While I dreaded it all week, I’m glad I was able to do it. Next step: being able to actually run a 5k and (though somewhat unrelated) taking my Zumba classes again starting this week.

As for the rest of the week? I averaged over 10,000 steps per day (there were a couple days where I didn’t actually hit that target, but I made up for it on the days where I was at the gym), put in my time on the treadmill to prepare for the 10k, and did my yoga stretching (BEST. THING. EVER.).

The food for the week? Well, you know that point where you realize your diet has been crap for most of the week and you think “Oh, hell with it. I’ll get back on track next week!” and then you eat like 6 cookies. YEAH. So I did that and paid for it on the scale this morning. I’m up a little bit from last week, which I mostly expected. So this week, it’s back on plan.

Also happening in the past week: I had two different people look at me and say “Are you losing weight?” Which, yes, yes I am. :) I can’t see it yet, though I have been able to wear a couple things that were too small a few weeks ago and I tried on a pair of pants that I had expanded out of & they fit (though I could still stand to lose a couple more pounds before I wear them all day long – still a smidge snug). I’m shrinking out of a lot of my pants (moreso than I was before WW), so I think it’s time to invest in a belt.

*Shortly after passing her, I actually had one of my contact lenses fall out, but it hit my sunglasses, so I was able to pause & put it back in.